Exam Information

Preparation for your scan is simple but crucial to the accuracy of the results. Please be advised if you do not follow these simple guidelines the accuracy of your results will be compromised and we must schedule your exam for another time.

Before the Exam:

* No smoking for a minimum of 2 hours.
* No vigorous exercise 2 hours prior.
* No massage, chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy the day of the scan.
* Avoid the application of liniments, creams or lotions, including but not limited to perfume and cologne.
* Avoid strong sunlight the day of and sunburn in the days preceding your appointment. .
* Remove all jewelry and earrings
* Long hair should be worn up.
* It is very important to wear loose fitting clothing. The thermography scan will be delayed until irritation marks in the skin caused by tightly fitting garments have dissipated.

At The Clinic:

Arrive a few minutes early to your appointment. Your body will take some time to adjust to the temperature of the clinic. You will be disrobing down to your underwear. Speedo type undergarments or thongs are appropriate for both men and women. The receptionist will give you a gown to change into and a medical history and questionnaire will be given to you to fill out while you acclimate to the room temperature. You will meet your thermographer who will explain and demonstrate the required views and positions necessary for your scan. Thermal images are then taken of either the whole body or just the regions of interest. A lumbar assessment will typically include the lower back, pelvis and legs. A cervical assessment will typically include the head and neck, upper trunk and arms. Neurological testing can include a “cold stress” test which simply involves placing a hand or foot in a cool bowl of water or having a gel pad applied to any part of the body.

You are welcome to bring a friend or partner in to the thermography room for the procedure.

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